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Delivery Terms Spec. Order Styles & Colors
Ask for quote and delivery terms at info@uniformsexpress.com when ordering special styles and colors.

Custom Lettering & Logos
A one-time setup charge may apply on custom lettering, numbering and logos. Please send all custom artwork via e-mail to info@uniformsexpress.com in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator format.

Please Note: With each cheer shell being custom, there will be a variance in team name size and placement according to the custom chest size and length.

Free Samples
There is a $20 fee for samples but the customer receives a $20 credit for his order. A return shipping label is included.

  1. Fill out the order form and send it to us via our secure web server or call us toll free at or 866-861-1093.
  2. After we confirm all the details of your order we will collect a 50% deposit* on all Non-PO orders.
  3. Approximately 1 week before your order is complete and ready to ship we will automatically collect the second half of the payment. If paying by check please send 2nd payment within 3 weeks from when you placed your order.
  4. You will receive your order via UPS Ground.
  5. Fill-in orders: when a team reorders uniforms, 12+ pricing will be applied.


a) All orders of $500 or less must be paid in full before we will start production.
b) All cap only orders and pants only orders must be paid in full before we will start production.
c) 50% off guarantee only valid if uniforms are not there in time game day.

Money Back Guarantee
Our money back guarantee is ONLY valid if uniforms are not delivered in time for game day and the order process date is a minimum of 8 weeks from the delivery date. Guaranteed delivery is not valid for on orders with APO address or vendor items because we do not have control of how long it may take for the items to be delivered.

Changing An Order
Changes to an order that has already been confirmed by the customer, or was placed with no confirmation needed, will be subject to a $25 administration fee. Additionally, customers will be charged for the labor and material costs of any changes that are made.

Cancelling An Order
Once your order is in production customers will be charged $50 for each cancellation that occurs.

Shipping Rates (USA & EU)

 Order Value   Shipping Rate US   Shipping Rate EU 
< $  50 Get Pricing Get Pricing
< $ 100 Get Pricing Get Pricing
< $ 500 Get Pricing Get Pricing
< $1000 Get Pricing Get Pricing
< $2500 Get Pricing Get Pricing
< $5000 Get Pricing Get Pricing
< $7500 Get Pricing Get Pricing
< $10000 Get Pricing Get Pricing
Ask for quote on non US and non EU orders.

Custom Uniforms

  • All uniforms are custom made and therefore non-returnable
  • A jumbo spandex is used on the back of the shells which differs from the polyester fabric used on the rest of the uniform. This allows a better fit and comfort.


  • All sizes given to agent will be the sizes produced for your team.
  • Shells only come in Bust measurements in even numbers.
  • It is advised to order the next size up if in between two sizes.
  • We strongly recommend to order a size pack to make sure you order accurate sizes for your team.
  • Please keep in mind the youth cheerleaders tend to grow at a faster rate.


  • UECheer uses SGMA color standards which are national color standards for the sporting industry.
  • All Colors can have a slight variance to the eye when comparing different fabrics.
  • Spandex backs are also SGMA color standards but appear slightly different due to spandex sheen.


  • Once you confirm the order, the order is made based on your confirmation to the quote.
  • We strongly suggest reviewing sizes, styles, colors, names, etc in detail because once you confirm we are unable to change the order since it was based upon your approval.

Washing Instructions

  • Step 1: Look for stains that may need to be pre-treated. A safe method to remove a stain is cold water and soap. Wet the stain and scrub by hand. There are also many stain removers on the market. Use these according to the directions.
  • Step 2: Wash your dark colors and light colors separately. Your dark colors may fade and the color will transfer to the light colors.
  • Step 3: Cold water is a safe temperature to wash your uniform in. There are many detergents specially made for a cold water wash.
  • Step 4: Remove your uniform immediately after the last rinse cycle. This will help to prevent wrinkles setting into the fabric if the uniform actually starts to dry inside the washer.
  • Step 5: Lay the uniform flat and with your hands, press out the wrinkles. You may notice puckering around the stitching. Using both hands, hold opposite ends and give a gentle tug.
  • Step 6: Lay flat to dry on a line. A padded hanger will also work to dry but pay attention to the shoulders and make necessary adjustments. The shirt will conform to shape of the hanger as it dries this could cause unwanted bumbs in the material.

Payment Details

    Credit Cards
    Credit card payments are the fastest and easiest way to pay. We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express credit cards only.

    We accept checks drawn on U.S. bank accounts only. All returned checks will incur a $25 processing fee.

    Bank Wires
    Customers must pay any wire fees charged by their bank. Processing or shipping your order takes place after we receive a wire confirmation via fax. There is a $15 service charge for bank wires on orders under $500.

    Purchase Orders (schools only)
    We must have a faxed copy of the PO and coach's guarantee form before we can start production. We must have the originals before we can ship.

    * Fittings that are not followed up with an Order within 30 days will be charged $250 plus travel expenses.

    Call or e-mail us for bank wire information. SIZE EXCHANGE POLICY

    Any non-customized* items can be sent back to us for size exchange within 30 days from the date of delivery.

    * A non-customized item is any item which does not include ANY of the following: trims, lettering, numbering, embroidery, custom size, custom length or custom color.

UE Cheer: A Division of Uniforms Express • Ph.: 866-861-1093 • Fax: 408-705-2020info@uesports.com